Road Race Ministries ministry; doctrinal beliefs; and scope of ministry.

Road Race Ministries reach's out to the SCCA's (Sports Car Club of America) Pro and Amateur levels of Sports Car Road Racing. This is an entity of people that have their own common language, culture, interwoven relationships and an economic dependence on one another.

Within the framework of its ministry Road Race Ministries is involved in the following;

•    Providing pastoral care for the racing community

•    Chapel Services, Counseling, Marriages, Home Going Services etc.

•    We encourage, counsel, cheerleader, mentor, pastor, and minister the Gospel.

  1.    Our hours of operation tend to be 24/7 when on the road and through email and phone calls

      when away from the track

At the track we;

•    Provide a race day non-denominational chapel service

•    Pray at drivers meetings

•    Provide for pre-race prayers trackside

•    Provide for pre-race invocations

  1.    Announce our activities and availability via the public address system and by way of Chapel

      announcement handouts

As a chaplain in the motorsports world, I have seen the need of the people to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Without a presence from Road Race Ministries most of the individuals involved with SCCA Pro would not have the opportunity to hear about our God who loves them. They are, in many ways, land locked in their race culture.

We, as Road Race Ministries, draw them in through real-life counseling and interaction, showing them their need for the life-changing Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Chapel services are be used as a vehicle to quiet the heart and instruct through God's Word. And, with our Lord's help, we send them back to the paddock and to their shops with the Gospel in their hearts to spread the Good News to others.

Road Race Ministries scope of ministry;

The initial scope of ministry is focused on maintaining a presence in SCCA's World Challenge. From this we are expanding to the MX5 Cup, Trans Am and into the many arenas of amateur road racing. These objectives have been set forth by Road Race Ministries Board of Directors and are being put into effect as the funding becomes available.

We invite you to join us in our endeavor. As we expand our website look for new and inspirational content. Leave your comments and prayer requests and we will look them over and lift them up. We covet you prayers, thoughts and gifts as we move forward through this race season.

Eyes Up,

Daniel Lacy

Road Race Ministries


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